Cutting edge print technology, digital die cutting, the finest artwork

Roland print technology
The Standard for stickers is here! We constantly upgrade our equipment to the latest technology available ensuring our customers get the best product at the best price available. You have seen stickers with washed out colors that lack the pop we all seek in an eye catching design put out by inferior equipment, that is not an option at Sticker Standard in California where we use proprietary print profiles, bright and long lasting inks to create the brightest colors and best looking stickers on the planet.

Digital die cut
Our Die Cut technology gives our customers the best looking decals without all of the added costs associated with typical steel rule and thermal cutting dies. Why settle for an inferior product with a white square around it? Sticker Standard offers full color with full bleeds die cut to shape to give you the best bang for your buck! We can even backslit your order for you to ensure your stickers are the best out there.

Custom artwork and graphic design
Sticker Standard is proud the be made in the USA, our staff is created from the best designers and printers and will give you a uniquely satisfying customer experience. Designed and hand made in San Diego, California we will be happy to help you through the design process from concept to execution to create a sticker you are proud to call your own! If you have a design of your own to print, no problem, we are happy to give you the best sticker print available.